In 1987, a new direction in craft beer took flight from the redwoods of Northern California, helping set the pace for the craft brew revolution. Founded in Humboldt County as one of California’s pioneering microbreweries, Humboldt Brewing Company has been turning heads with our innovative brewing techniques and an award-winning flock of delicious brews. We have experienced quite a journey in our 26 years. Today, we are independently owned by Total Beverage Solution and brewed on California’s Northern Coast by Mendocino Brewing Company. We continue to craft the finest all natural brews from the California Coast, giving you a taste of the Humboldt spirit in every sip.


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What is the “Spirit of Humboldt?”

Geographically, Humboldt County is located on the northern coast of California. Yet tucked away amongst the ancient towering redwoods and along the vast rocky Californian coast exists a way of life as independent as it is beautiful. It’s a place where “live and let live” are the laws of the land and “going green” has had a different meaning for generations. The idea of preservation and living in unison with one’s surroundings is not some fad but ingrained in the soul of the community. At peace in its own world, Humboldt County does not adhere to corporate memos, to-do lists or stuffy suits. The only thing on today’s agenda is to live life and drink good beer.

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