Why choose sustainability?


You can’t grow up in a place like Humboldt and not take Mother Earth pretty seriously. From the very beginning, Humboldt Brewing Company has been dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable practices. We strive to make sure we are doing our part – from reusing cooling water for brewing to producing our six packs on recycled paperboard using soy-based inks. You, too, can do your part by remembering to always recycle. Sustainability is also about preservation of Earth’s resources.


Why the redwoods?

Redwoods are not only one of the tallest species in the world; they are also one of the oldest. Scientists believe that some redwoods have been around since the beginning of the Roman Republic (around 500 BC – hence the name of our brew). We wanted to honor these tall trees and the area we were born in, to bring attention to these great beauties so future generations can enjoy the majestic redwoods for another 2,000 years and beyond.

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